FAQs for Cardholders

How much do I have to spend to get a stamp?

You will receive one stamp on your card for every £10 you spend in participating shops in a single purchase. So £10 gets you one stamp, £20 gets you two stamps, and so on.

Can I claim stamps retrospectively on purchases?

No. You need to present your card, or take a new card, at the time of making a qualifying purchase.

Can I combine stamps from two cards?

No, stamps are non-transferrable. If you have two stamped cards, just hang on to the second one and use it after you have filled up the first one.

What do I do when I have ten stamps on my card?

  • Firstly, make sure your card is registered (you can register a new card at any time). When you register you will receive an e-mail with a 10-digit code. Write this in the space provided on your card.
  • Secondly, hand it to a participating retailer and ask them to validate it for you. You can’t claim a reward until your card has been validated using the unique code written on the card.

Please note: it is not down to the shop to provide you with your free book – that takes place on this website.

What do the numbers on the stamps mean?

Each shop has its own number – differently numbered and coloured stamps help tell them apart. It doesn’t matter whether your stamps are from one shop or from many shops.

Will I get my completed card back?

No, the shop will keep it. They should give you a new blank card to replace it. If they don’t please remember to ask for one.

Why do I have to register the card?

So that when you hand your fully stamped card to a retailer to validate, we will know where to send your voucher code to.

What happens after the card is validated?

You will get an e-mail, to the address you used when you registered the card, containing two things:

  • A new card number – write this on your new, blank loyalty card
  • A voucher code – you use this to claim your reward

What rewards can I pick from?

You can select from a choice of recent releases from the Independent Alliance publishers. View the current selection.

If you don’t want any of the current books, you can wait for new rewards to be made available.

How will I receive my prize?

It will be posted to you directly at the address you supplied when you registered your first card.

My adresss has changed since I registered the card – does that matter?

It’s not a problem, you have a chance to alter the delivery address when you claim your reward.

What will you use my data for?

Nothing, apart from administering the scheme and sending you your rewards. If you opted in to the e-mail list when you registered your card, we may send you an occasional update about the scheme and new rewards on offer. We won’t sell your details to anyone else, ever.

I still need help. What do I do?

Contact support if you’re still unsure or having a problem