Terms and Conditions of Use

1. The Love Your Indie loyalty card scheme is run by The Independent Alliance, a collective of British independent book publishers comprising Atlantic, Canongate, Faber, Granta, Icon, Portobello, Profile, Quercus, Serpent’s Tail and Short Books, in association with the Guardian and Observer.

All staff working for these organisations are ineligible for any rewards or benefits available on the Love Your Indie scheme.

2. The scheme allows customers of participating bookshops to collect stamps on a card which will be distributed in the Guardian newspaper on Saturday 1st October.

3. Customers should register their card before use at www.loveyourindie.co.uk and write their unique reference number provided by the website in blue or black ink on their card. There is no obligation or payment required for anything regarding the Love Your Indie scheme.

4. 20% discount on first purchase. Love Your Indie cards distributed with the Guardian on 1st October 2011 are marked with ‘20% off’ on the space for the first stamp. This entitles the holder of the card to a 20% discount off any purchase of books in any participating bookshop – excluding academic books; books that are in any other promotion and all non-book items such as stationery.

This 20% discount is valid between from 9am 1st October until midnight, Sunday 13th November 2011.

After this period, or if the 20% discount is not clearly and explicitly mentioned on the card, the cardholder is not eligible for any discount.

All cards – whether distributed by bookshops or by the Guardian – can be used to collect stamps after 13th November 2011. Further cards may be ordered by retailers – please email us if you need extra.

5. A stamp will be added to the customer’s card each time they spend £10 in a participating shop. One stamp should be added to the Card for every £10 spent, so a purchase of £45 means a customer gets 4 stamps added to their Card.

6. A full list of participating shops can be found at www.loveyourindie.co.uk/shops

7. Lost or stolen cards. If a customer loses their card, any existing stamps cannot be transferred to a new card. Replacement cards can be collected from any participating retailer. Each new card will require a new unique reference number.

8. Once a customer has a completed card – a card with all ten spaces for stamps on the reverse filled up – the Card must be verified by a trained staff member in a participating shop. The staff member must logon to their secure account at www.loveyourindie.co.uk/retailers, enter the customer’s unique reference number and verify that the card is complete with one stamp clearly marked on each of the ten spaces on the reverse of the card.

9. The customer will then receive an email offering a choice of one free book from a selection provided by Independent Alliance publishers.

10. No cash alternative will be offered to the free book and no books other than those explicitly offered in the email to the customer may be claimed.

11. The free book will be sent directly to the customer’s registered delivery address within 14 days of receipt of the customer’s book choice.

12. Data. Any personal data that the Love Your Indie websites requests will be treated in the strictest confidence and never divulged to any organisation other than the publishers of the Independent Alliance.

It is a condition of usage of the scheme that customers provide a valid email address to which the Independent Alliance may occasional send messages regarding new books, events and similar news. Customers may unsubscribe from these mailings at any time by sending an email to unsubscribe@loveyourindie.co.uk

13. Disclaimer – publishers of the Independent Alliance: Atlantic, Canongate, Faber, Granta, Icon, Portobello, Profile, Quercus, Serpent’s Tail and Short Books, and the Guardian Media Group cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred through the use of the Love Your Indie scheme

14. Please refer further queries to hello@loveyourindie.co.uk.